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Kasteel de Berckt

After our successful first year at De Berckt, we’re happy to announce we’ll be returning to the castle, to Lana and yes, to the peacocks for 2019.

Castle de Berckt was originally built in the 12th century, and modernised in 1838 to serve as a family home for the Eyll family. Thankfully for us, many more adjustments have been made over the years so all rooms are equipped with modern beds, showers and toilets.

The location itself features a main bar, various lounging spots, a courtyard with yet more lounge spots, dungeons and a chapel. Indeed, we said chapel.

If our fluffy selves aren’t enough for you, the location itself also has animals. Previous year’s attendees have likely told you about The Peacocks. It’s true, the location comes with a custom morning peacock alarm.

To soothe your rude awakening however, the location also has its very own castle cat. Lana loves attention and fursuits, so you’ll be sure to see her around. In fact, why not get warmed up by viewing our Lana exclusive gallery.