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FWH is mostly geared towards socialising, fursuiting and relaxing. We do not have a strict schedule of events and have been known to move our events around as we see fit. We do have a few events going on:

  • Saturday night dance. We turn the chapel into a disco where we offer a nice mix of 80s/90s and whichever catches people’s fancy
  • Free Market. FWH’s very own dealers’ den. The free market is a small room where artists can sell their wares. There’s no sign up and tables are added as needed. The Free Market will be held Saturday afternoon.
  • Board game room. Bring your boardgames! All FWH, there’s a dedicated room for board games.
  • Stargazing with Francine. Well, we are looking towards that great unknown galaxy, why not familiarise ourselves with it?
  • Church of Squeak. On Sunday, our chapel is turned into a chapel of inflatable friends. A perfect photo opportunity!
  • Your event here!

Organize your own events!

So, you have that game you’ve been holding on to for the right moment. You have that idea for a workshop. You want to do photoshoots for people. FWH is the place! You can opt to bring your stuff and tell people on site, or you can contact us with your idea if you need anything (e.g. a room) from us. Anything goes at FWH, so be sure to bring whatever activity you wish to share (just keep it family friendly :)).

To help you get started on thinking up a cool idea, in the previous years our attendees have organised:
Photography workshop
Whiskey tasting
Speciality beer tasting

Don’t be shy, send us a note to discuss your idea!