By registering for FWH you agree you have read and understood these rules. If anything is unclear, please contact us.

Please read these rules before registering and attending FWH!


  • You have to be 18 or older on April 12th, 2018 to register
  • Only registered attendees are allowed on the premises
  • Please wear your badge so we can see you are registered
  • The early bird discount is valid until September 15th
  • The validity of said discount is determined by payment date
  • If you are paying from outside NL please keep in mind it generally takes some days for payment to arrive, so plan accordingly
  • Payment can only be done by bank transfer, IBAN details will be given to you once your registration is accepted
  • Overdue / not-fully paid registrations may be cancelled to make place for other people on the waiting list
  • FWH offers no refunds, registration is non-transferable


  • We like to hug suiters :) Therefore please keep an eye on your personal hygiene and the hygiene of your suit.
  • You are allowed to bring a small quantity (1L) of your own alcoholic beverages under the following conditions: it’s special (not sold at the bar) and you share it with other FWH attendees
  • We understand emergencies happen and we’re all adults, but please try not to hang around with your fursuit head off if you can avoid it. It ruins pictures, videos, magic and small children after all
  • Smoking and open fire is prohibited in any of the buildings
  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated area
  • You are not allowed to possess, use, be under the influence of or sell illegal substances. (including weed)
  • Abuse of any other substances is also prohibited
  • If an area is staff-only or off-limits please respect our decision. We have to hide Forfaox’ machines somewhere, after all
  • Please be quiet in and around the bedrooms. Please pick another spot to party so everyone who needs it can sleep
  • This party is in the public environment and therefore no sexual activities beyond a subtle display of affection are allowed. Remember: “would I do this in front of an audience including my parents and grandparents?”. (We might be more lenient after 22:00 ;))
  • Ask first! Do not touch other people or their stuff without their permission
  • You break it, you buy it :)
  • If someone is bothering you, breaking rules or in danger please contact staff immediately!
  • If you break the rules Head of Safety may exclude you from the party
  • The head of Safety (Vixus) always has the final say!

Photos and videos

  • All rights on videos and/or photos are reserved by FWH and may be used to promote future editions of FWH, you will always be credited
  • Please respect people's wishes regarding photographs and videos, if someone really doesn't want to be photographed or filmed then try your best to avoid them

The final words...

  • When in doubt about a rule, please ask the head of Safety (Vixus)
  • Last year's FWH was a laidback and fun con without incidents, let's make this version of FWH even better!
  • Foxes are guilty.(Except maybe Forfaox) (Who added this?) (Can we stop the debate?)