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Rules of Conduct


You must be at least 18 years old to attend the convention.

Only registered attendees and day guests may enter the castle grounds.

Please wear your badge at all times as FWH is a closed event. 

Day guests may not stay the night without a valid room booking

General Behaviour

Please keep in mind that we wish to keep behaviour and clothing appropriate for visiting your grandparents :) After 22:00 we will be more lenient. When in doubt, please ask.

No means no. If someone says no, that means NO. Not ‘but, what if’.

Respect other people’s property including any snacks they may have brought to share. Ask before touching or trying.

Please do not leave flyers or other promotional material around and ask FWH Crew for permission and appropriate areas for leaving promotion materials.

No parties, speakers etc in the bedroom hallways. Bedrooms are for resting, be respectful of others.

You are responsible for ANY damages caused to other people’s items or castle property.

Be respectful of others.

We do not allow pets at our location. Please notify us if you have a service animal. (Registered official service animals only per Dutch law, this does not include emotional support animals.)

We allow sales during dealers’ den opening times as well as e.g. photography commissions. Please note that you acknowledge any transaction between you and the artist does not involve FWH or Stichting Pack and they are not liable for any issue.

Fursuits and Props

We love fursuits! We do not love smells! Please ensure your fursuit is clean and convention ready. Make a washing party! 

Please ensure your fursuit and any props/gear meet our rule of being ‘fit to visit your grandparents’ too, after 22:00 we will be more lenient

Please do not sit around with your fursuit head off. This is a closed party and we are all adults, but headless fursuiters ruin photos and videos. Of course, medical emergencies come first.

No means no, ask a fursuiter before hugging.

Please note Dutch law is very strict on weapon look alikes. Want to know for sure if your space pistol is acceptable? Please contact us before the convention! 

Specific rules may be apply for gear-specific events in rooms set aside for these meets, please review each event rule in advance.

Alcohol and Drugs

As FWH continues to offer alcohol for low prices, we ask you not to bring your own. You may bring a maximum of 1 liter of an alcoholic drink if a) it is special to your area of residence and b) you share it with other attendees.  

FWH staff is allowed to stop bar service to anyone too intoxicated and may escort anyone to their room. Know your limits. 

Smoking (and vaping) is strictly forbidden indoors and only permitted in the designated areas. Please do not litter and dispose of your cigarettes in the ashtrays provided.

FWH does not allow the possession, sale or usage of ANY drug or substance abuse, this includes weed and laughing gas. You will be immediately removed from the convention if found using, selling or possessing drugs.

Photography and Video

Please be mindful of people who may not wish to be filmed or be in the photograph. Of course we understand you cannot control a background and we ask that anyone who really does not want to be filmed takes some care to avoid the camera too. 

FWH has the right to use any picture or video taken to promote future events. FWH will of course only use material that has been made public and FWH will remove pictures on request.

Photography and video is forbidden in the fursuit lounge and may be forbidden at certain events