Welcome to VULPES

VULPES is our VULPine Event System and has been designed by Forfaox for Furry Weekend Holland.

Before registering

Please read the rules before registering. You'll be asked to confirm you've read the rules during the registration process. By doing so you confirm you've understood the rules. Additionally please read the contents of this page before starting your registration!

How to register

There will be an invite from FWH in your inbox. Please follow the link inside, you’ll enter the registration website and be prompted for further information.

Personal data

Please make sure you fill out your personal information carefully and correctly. We are required to keep a list of all individuals attending so please fill out your real name as well. Your information may be verified when you check in.

We take care of your information and on FWH's side it's only used for the administration mentioned above. Information is not shared with any third party excepting the proper authorities that will request the list in case of emergency (E.g. where the emergency services must verify all attendees are out of the building).

Attendance fee

Once your registration has been accepted, you will receive an email with your confee and where to send payment.

Please know the discount option we offer depends on your payment date. If payment is not received before the 15th of November, you'll be charged more. Be sure to plan accordingly if you are paying from outside the Netherlands.

The attendance fee of FWH 2018 is all-inclusive. Please note the exact fee depends on which roomtype you select, which is reflected in the total shown when you select a room.

Early bird discount

We have an early bird discount for birds and people who pay their due right after registration opens. The early bird discount is 24 EUR, so this will be deducted from regular fee. To be eligible for this discount you'll have to make sure your payment arrives on our bank account before 15 November.

Sponsor upgrade

If you wish to sponsor FWH with a donation, we have sponsor upgrades available. Some of these packages include (a) gift(s). Sponsor money is used to upgrade the food and drinks budget as well as to help pay towards any items needed for the staff to do their job properly, this includes some lunch during set up and an extensive first aid kit.

Your donation helps FWH to keep going and is much appreciated!

We offer the following registration options:

  • 35 EUR FWH B&B (early arival)
  • 25 EUR Sponsor (small FWH gift)
  • 50 EUR Supersponsor (small FWH gift, sponsor goodie)


The T-shirt is included with all registrations. If you wish to have a Lady fit t-shirt, you can select that in the size options. Our t-shirts are high quality Fruit of Loom t-shirts, the Lady fit ones tend to be on the short side. If you are taller than 1.75 m it is recommend to get a Lady fit one size above your regular (size 38 -> get L).


You can provide us with additional information during registration. If you have specific needs (e.g. vegetarian), please take care to let us know via the appropriate menu or comment field. We can only help you, if we are made aware of an issue in advance. If you feel there's something we need to know, please let us know through the comment box.

Room sharing

Roomtype can be selected during the registration process.

Roomsharing can only be set up after (partial) payment for your registration has been received.

Please note the attendee number of each of your desired roommates. If you do not fill out the room, it will be filled with random attendees who selected the same room type. Note that room type affects the price of FWH: the more people you share with, the more discount you get.

Please however note the following:

  • Roomshares are dependant on your roommates, if their registration is canceled and you don’t find a new roommate you will be matched with a random roommate(s).
  • If you do not set up roomsharing within 3 months or before 26th of January your registration may be canceled (no refund) to make room for other roomshares.

Registration review

Once your application is submitted, it'll be manually reviewed by the registration staff. Within a couple of days you will receive an email telling you if your application has been accepted, denied or placed on the waiting list.


FWH's only payment method is bank transfer. You will receive details by email once your registration has been accepted. These details include the cutoff date for the discounted price, so be sure your payment arrives on time.

Please note we cannot accept PayPal, as PayPal does not allow the sale of tickets for events like FWH

If no payment is received within 14 days of registering, your registration may be canceled.

Paying in parts

You can pay your FWH fee in 2 installments. The first payment should be no less than 100 EUR and paid before September 15th, after the first installment is received you can set up room sharing.

The remaining amount must be paid before January 26th. If your payment has not been received in full by this date, your registration may be canceled without refund. Do note that by not paying in full before November 15th you lose your early bird discount!

The payments are non-refundable, you cannot get your money back even if you’ve paid just the first installment.


We look forward to your registration!