Terms and Conditions


Attendees must be at least 18 years old to attend the convention.

Attendees are required to present their legal photo ID passport at check-in time. Your ID details must match the information in our registration system.

Furry Weekend Holland is a private event, and we reserve the right to refuse or cancel registrations for any reason and any time.

Registration and Payment

To take part in the convention you are required to register through our registration system.

Registration are screened by registration staff, you will receive an email with all necessary payment information as soon your registration has been approved.

The accepted payment methods are listed in our registration system.

All fees are due within 14 days after receiving payment request, if fees are not paid within this time your slot is no longer guaranteed and may be cancelled.

We permit payment in instalments. The first instalment must be the base fee as listed in the registration system. All other instalments have to be paid before February 15th.

If we do not receive full payment on these due dates your booking may be canceled without any refund.

An email will be sent to you when a payment is made informing of your payment status.

Cancelation/ticket transfer

Fees including any extras are not refundable

Ticket transfer is allowed on exception basis. This has to be pre approved by registration and can be done by contacting them at contact.furryweekend.nl


Sponsorship is a way to support the convention through a voluntary donation


At Furry Weekend Holland we respect your privacy and act in accordance to the Dutch privacy laws. 

Legal: Although not willingly we might be forced to comply when we receive court order or are in any other way legally bound to share your private information.

If you want to know more about this subject please read our privacy policy.


Stichting PACK is an officially registered non-profit organisation