Food & Drink

As stated on the front page, FWH operates on an all inclusive price. You’ll start with a sizeable snack Friday night and will have your meals covered until breakfast on Monday morning. To give a better idea of what we serve, find details below..

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Breakfast is served in a buffet style with various buns, regular breads, toppings (yes, we have hagelslag!) and vegetables as well as muesli and yoghurt or Oatly. The breakfast is served with juices, coffee and tea. Various fruits are also available.


Lunch is a similar buffet style with freshly made soup. The soup of the day differs and a vegan alternative is always available.


Dinner too is a buffet style. We’ll have a barbeque on Saturday with various meats as well as fish and vegan burgers. In addition there’ll be several salads and grilled vegetables. On Sunday we’ll have a more traditional dinner buffet with various options.

Note, FWH finds it important that vegetarians, vegans and people with allergies eat well too. Be sure to tick the appropriate boxes in your registration and note your allergens, as that is the only way we can provide for your diet. Vegan alternatives are available at all meals and snacks moments for vegetarians and vegans. Allergens are listed with all buffet dishes. 

Dinner Table

Item Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
BreakfastxOnly with B&B 07:00 - 10:0007:00 - 10:0007:00 - 10:0007:00 - 10:00
Lunchxx12:00 - 13:0012:00 - 13:00x
DinnerxOnly with Dinner Ticket 18:0018:0018:00x
SnackxAfter 21:00After 21:00After 21:00x


The most exciting bar in the Alpha quadrant!

Free drinks

coffee and tea
Oatly and Chocomel - chocolate drinks
Coca Cola (regular, light)
And much more! 

Special non-alcoholic drinks  

just for 1 coin:
Fritz Cola
Energy Drink


Alcoholic drinks

1 - 3 coins:
Beer on tap
Special beer on bottle 

Bringing your own drinks

Bringing your own alcohol is  only  allowed if:
It is less than 1 liter
It is special to your region
You will share it with attendees

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