Location: Castle de Berckt

This new location offers us more space and more beds, so we’ll have room for even more fluffs without needing to stack them. Hurray!

Castle de Berckt was originally built in the 12th century, and used as the Eyll family home before being modernised in 1838. Don’t worry, the beds and showers are entirely up to our modern standards, with the bedrooms featuring comfortable boxspring beds ensuring a good night’s sleep.

The castle surrounds a courtyard perfect for lounging outside. Inside, there are several lounges, a big dining hall and an entire chapel for the holiest of fursuit friendly dances.

Even though we come with our own set of animals to pet, the location actually provides a few of its own! You may run into Lana, the castlecat. She lives at the castle and is happy to camp down on your lap. Walk around the grounds and you’ll meet many more critters!

Thought the Labyrinth was a navigational challenge? We’ve found something even better! The castle has many nooks and crannies to stack even more furries in. Please have one of our guides show you to your bedroom once you arrive, lest you get lost forever amidst the castle walls.

The location has WiFi available, the password can be found in the conbook supplied on arrival.

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