Bed & Breakfast

Early Arrival

Starting in 2017 we offer an Early Arrival. We offer a bed and breakfast system on that day, meaning you get a room for Thursday March 30th and breakfast on Friday March 31st. For lunch and dinner, please refer to the various food options around the location. We will offer a map showing where to get food.

FWH B&B will cost 35,00 euro and you get access to your room from Thursday March 30th at 15:00.

FWH hasn’t officially started during the Early Arrival. You can opt to help out staff, in which case please contact us in advance. If you don’t want to help out, please refer to the various sightseeing options around Sleen. We will supply you with an on-site flyer with the information below, too, but if you wish to check your options in advance, read on!

There’s plenty to do around Sleen! First of all, you can visit the all-new zoo in Emmen. Featuring a safari, arctic plains and a jungle, “Wildlands Adventure Zoo” is sure to keep you entertained. Parts of the park are indoors, so rain won’t be an issue. The address for the parking lot is:
Ermerweg 28, 7812 BG Emmen

You can also take the train to station Emmen and walk to the park, this takes about 15 minutes.

Not in the mood for the zoo? Why not take a walk in the tree tops? The “Boomkroonpad” has a walking route set amidst the trees for a unique view of the landscape. The address for this skywalk is:
Steenhopenweg 4 9533 PN Drouwen

Near this activity, you can also get your history kick. Drenthe has a rich landscape history most visible in the grave monuments called “hunebeds” (similar to dolmen which might be known to our Nordic friends). In Borger, you’ll find the one and only hunebedmuseum. The largest surviving hunebed can also be found here. The address to visit the museum is:
Hunebedstraat 27, 9531 JT Borger