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Like to start early?

Arrive on Thursday April 4th

Like previous years, it’s possible to book our own version of ‘early arrival’. Booking bed & breakfast means you’ll have a bed on Thursday, April 4th and a breakfast on Friday, April 5th. Please note that this means Friday lunch and dinner is not included in the price. We’ll provide flyers on location with available food options as well as sightseeing spots.

B&B costs 40 EUR (this includes tourist tax, the overnight stay and the breakfast on Friday) and you’ll have room access from Thursday April 4th at 18:00. A luggage storage is available before that time.

Please note: rooms for B&B are arranged with the location on site, depending on their availability from Thursday to Friday. This means you may not get the room you’ll have during your main stay. We will try out best to put you in the room booked for the weekend, but we cannot guarantee this is possible. If your roommate did not book B&B, you may have a random roommate as well.