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Furry Weekend Holland


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3-6 may 2024

The Berckt Castle
Baarlo, The Netherlands
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My my... so you found the sanctuary. The forest must like you. Worry not, it’s quite safe here. There’s the odd spirit, but most of the creatures here wandered in just like you. Feel free to find yourself a bed and a warm meal, take a look at the traveling merchants’ curious wares, and prepare for the journey back home. Or, like me, you can let yourself be lost to the outside world, and indulge in this strange and beautiful place. Join the parties that thrum in the night, listen to the spirits speaking in the fire, and become a part of the patchwork of souls that give this place meaning.

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  • 9 november : Website live

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From humble beginnings:
It all started more than a decade ago as a small gathering of friends in the furry fandom. The first editions took place in the Hollandsche boerderij in 2011, Since then it has grown out to a small international convention where people come together to share friendship and creativity in the cozy atmosphere at Castle de Berckt.
The venue provides ample space where various activities are hosted by the organization and attendees alike including dances, board-games, markets and many other activities.

Our whole weekend attendance are all-inclusive and come with: Access to the convention, T-shirt, lanyard & badge, conbook, food & drinks and accommodation. The bar is well stocked with a variety of drinks and for little coin you can purchase extra special beverages.
Day Guests:
There are Saturday tickets For those that want to visit the convention for only a short while, this is also an option for minors to attend with their parents.


Furry Weekend Holland has found its home at the beautiful Berckt Castle.

the Berckt Castle
De Berckt 1
5991 PD Baarlo
The Netherlands

Although no room is the same, they are all fitted with a private bathroom and a shower. Be sure to bring your own toiletries. Bedsheets and towels are provided for.


Our weekend tickets include full accommodation with food and drinks.
The program includes a light breakfast bar for early birds and a brunch to accommodate night owls!
Dinner is included on Saturday (BBQ!) and Sunday. If you are already around on Friday and don't feel like venturing out, you can book an additional onsite dinner with your ticket in advance.
Oh and there are snacks as well! ;)

Everybody is included when it comes to dietary wishes or allergies, please make sure to use the appropriate options in the registration system to let us know how we can accommodate you.
Our crew and the venue will do their absolute best to find ways to meet your needs.

The bar is well staffed with volunteers and stocked with a wide variety of drinks! While most drinks are included in your ticket already, for a little coin extra you may purchase special beverages.
The bar is also a great place to try out volunteer work and get to know new people. Don't hesitate to apply for a position when you register.



Convention access from Friday till Monday

Ticket type price
2 persons roomshare* 369€ 345€**
4 persons roomshare* 319€ 295€**

Includes :
- Snacks from friday till sunday
- Breakfast/ lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Breakfast on Monday
- Free drinks and affordable special drinks at the bar
- Badge, lanyard and conbook

*Prices are per person, you can share a room with another registered and paid person with the same room type.
** Early Bird discount of 24€ is valid until 1 january 2024


For those that want to visit Furry Weekend Holland for a few hours we have a special day program on Saturday.

Convention access Saturday from 13:00 till 17:00

Ticket type price
Saturday Adult 10€
Saturday Parent 10€
Saturday Minor* 1€

Includes :
- Lanyard and Badge
- Drinks and Snacks

*Minors can only attend FWH accompanied by their parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s)



a sheep merchant selling porcelain mushrooms to a traveller


marty and a goat friend sitting by the fireplace eating grilled food


in a tent, two furries dancing together while a goat with a flowercrown plays pan-pipe in the background

Theming and activities

in a tent, two furries dancing together while a goat with a flowercrown plays pan-pipe in the background


Furry Weekend Holland is an event that is made possible by the commitment and effort of its crew and volunteers. We ask you to consider signing up for volunteer shifts as a way to contribute to the event and the community. Do you think you have what it takes to become part of the crew? Apply here!

marty with a thumb up


The Crew is the backbone of the convention and takes on the responsibility to make the convention an enjoyable experience for everyone. As a crew you’re equipped with a crew badge and shirt and everything else needed to fulfill your role. A special Early Arrival program is and +1 for early registration are a few of the conveniences we have in place for crew.


Giving a little bit of your time gets rewarded. Volunteers receive a badge of honour and in the next year get to register ahead of other attendees.